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Company Traveller 21 Ltd. takes part in the public transportation in the present form since 2000.

In the years past we have followed the technical progress, have bought new coaches and provide convenient and safe transportation for our Hungarian and external passengers.

Technical equipments and appereance of our coaches are in accordance with the norms of the European Union.
Our drivers are experienced and professionally qualified, have great international practice and speak foreign languages as well.

Our services:
• Excursions in Hungary and abroad
• School trips
• Weddings, bachelor party
• European round trips
• Transportation of particiapants of exhibitions, events
   and conferences, touristic programs(e.g. sightseeing,
   Danube bend, Balaton, puszta program, etc)
• Transportation of workmen

Our aims have always been to provide safe and correct services to all of our coustomers in a pleasant atmosphere, and to maintain the reputation we have established for reliability, efficiency, integrity and value for money.



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